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With the advent of the fourth industrial revolution, the traditional industrial concepts have changed tremendously and the industrial structure has been fully adjusted. At the same time, energy has also undergone further innovations. Traditional energy sources such as coal and petrochemicals are gradually being replaced by new energy sources and smart manufacturing is applied.

At present, the drive motors of China's E-mobility mainly consist of permanent magnet synchronous motors, DC motors, AC asynchronous motors, and switched reluctance motors.

According to statistics, under the strong stimulus of the E-mobility market in 2017, the number of China's new energy motors and motor controls reached more than 700,000 sets, with a total industry value of over 22.5 billion. In the long run, the market size of E-mobility motors and motor controls will continue to go up in the trend of higher production and sales of E-mobility, and it is expected to exceed 120 billion yuan by 2023.

The golden period of the motor industry for E-mobility has come. Go&Up Automation has conducted deep research and development in new energy motors and motor controls, and has completed full-range product integration of core components such as motors, motor controls, and battery/battery modules.

Smart Assembly:

The motor assembly line consists of rotor assembly line, stator assembly line, and the whole assembly line, and can be customized according to customers’ different product structures. Go&Up Smart Assembly adopts flexible structure unit, and the concept of industrial 4.0 is integrated to improve flexibility. The structure design of each functional unit is proper, and automation during the whole process of motor assembly, process monitoring and performance testing is realized.

Smart Testing:

Testing equipment for E-mobility can cover comprehensively the three major areas: motors, motor controls and batteries.

Smart testing includes performance, appearance, and NVH testing. Appearance testing uses a full range of visual inspection system, performance testing covers torque, temperature, pressure, and other parameters, while NVH testing determines faults through high-speed acquisition and analysis of noise and vibration.

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